Bags so good you'll never forget to bring them.


100% recycled cotton

The outer layer of our bags is made from thick woven cotton that is highly durable, environmentally friendly, and luxurious to use.

High durability

Our bags are built to last with handles designed to wrap around the bottom with reinforced stitching. Heavy gold hardware is used for the double zipper. 

Waterproof canvas

Our cotton fabric is laminated to be scratch resistant and waterproof. It is easily wiped clean with a damp cloth and left to air dry. 

Improved practicality

Three mesh pockets line the interior of the bag to secure breakable items for safe transport, such as sauce bottles, jam jars and glassware. 

Premium insulation

Our bags are lined with 3mm of premium high efficiency PEVA. It is 100% leak proof and have tested to keep ice frozen for up to 6 hours.

Perfect size and storage

Dimensions have been carefully considered to fit like Tetris in conventional trolleys. The sturdy base is foldable flat for ease of storage. 

Our beliefs

We are a huge fan of quality. When you choose quality, you are choosing a long-term solution and our planet. You understand that by investing in superior materials and finer craftsmanship, not only do you experience the joys of an elevated lifestyle but also the peace of mind that comes with doing right by our environment. By consuming once only, you are using the least resources. 

Did you know that the average shopper spends in excess of $150 on "reusable" shopping bags each year because we forget to bring them, or they break? By choosing quality you will always remember to leave home with our bags that inspire you, saving money in the long run.